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living room
Living Room
dinning room
Dining Room
kids room
Kids Room


10% off
Rs.140000 Rs. 126000
Royal Blue Kitchen in PU Hi Gloss Finish

10% off
Rs.165000 Rs. 148500
Modular Kitchen in PU Hi Gloss Finish

10% off
Rs.147000 Rs. 132300
Yellow Modular Kitchen

10% off
Rs.165720 Rs. 149140
Attractive Kitchen

10% off
Rs.96339 Rs. 86700
Stylish Modular Kitchen

10% off
Rs.145600 Rs. 131000
Economical Modular Kitchen


10% off
Rs.63600 Rs: 57200
Wenge Wardrobe

10% off
Rs.76499 Rs: 68850
Wardrobe with External Drawers

10% off
Rs.71900 Rs: 64710
Stylish Wardrobe with 4 Doors

10% off
Rs.99450 Rs: 89500
Wardrobe with Loft Unit

10% off
Rs.84399 Rs: 75959
Wardrobe in PU High Gloss Combination

10% off
Rs.31500 Rs: 28350
Wardrobe in Hi Gloss Finish

Home Interior

50% off
Rs.50000 Rs: 25000
Home Interior Consultation Package

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62% off
Rs.50000 Rs: 18999
Furniture & Furnishing Consultation Package

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15% off
Rs.152999 Rs: 130199
Kitchen Wardrobe Combo

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Home interior has never been so easy before. Best interior designers, latest interior layouts, the best of interior planning, customized furniture, high quality manufacturing and great finish, all under one roof. Yes, that’s true and all you have to do is to give us a call and book a consultation. We understand your home only next to you, and this inspires our team to learn more about your needs and transcend them into your home interior planning. We partner you in three simple steps –

First of which is a phase of interior layout planning as per your need.

Second step is manufacturing your furniture, modular kitchen, wardrobe and other articles at our high precision machines equipped modern plant.

And the third step is assembling and installation at your place

All these steps are planned in a cohesive way within a time-frame of 6-8 weeks depending on the size and complexity of your project. What’s more, it’s a totally hassle free process which offers you complete peace of mind with reliable services and great products. If, you have got a new home or want to transform your existing living space, look no further and get contacted here to make your home the Best Place to Live.